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Posted: February 5, 2015 in Writing




The three L’s

that everyone has in common

(maybe not in that order)


Posted: December 5, 2013 in Writing



upside down

look like a clown

feel like a joker


picked last

cast away


locked up

blue sky

I’ve had enough


Posted: July 3, 2013 in Writing

I’m waiting

waiting to find you

waiting to see you

waiting to love you

for all that you are

waiting to laugh

waiting to cry

waiting to finish

this life with you

waiting to see the sky turn blue

waiting to watch the clouds drift by

waiting to walk along the path

all with you

will i ever find you?

are you even out there?

waiting to share

this world with me?

Even if i find you

will i know?

will i slowly realize

as i watch you grow?

When will it happen

what will you look like

who will you be

where will we be

why would we be there

how will we know?

Waiting for that special someone

might or might not

have found

waiting for seconds




But i will wait forever

because you are worth it

because when i find you

it will make up for all those times

we weren’t together

there’s still a distance

until i find you

however long it will take

but i will keep on


Sweet Dreams to everyone out there! After all you deserve to dream sweetly every night.

Good Night


A insanely quirky, sarcastic girl.

p.s. Try and wish someone sweet dreams tomorrow night and you’ll have sweet dreams too.

p.p.s. Extra sweet dreams for those who are sincere about it! 🙂

The Note

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Writing

Lying softly in a bed of roses

Wanting nothing but to sleep forever

The world seeks darkness as the veil closes

As I sink into this dark endeavor

The chain that is you, will snap as I leave

The pain that you bring, the darkness doth take

The web that was spun, the spiders unweave

Back out now, and I would finally break

So while I journey into the unknown

As I forget all the soft whispered threats

All the times you had pierced me to the bone

My eyes close, as the sun finally sets

Your face appears, it’s the last thing I see

Forget all my fears, I’m finally free.