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Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

This kitten has…

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This kitten has claws

Worth it

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when you think about it,

you’re not alone,

you just feel that way

at the time.

its hard,

but we have to just

keep holding on.

keep moving forward.

i wont be trampled on,

or ignored.

i will face the world

one step at a time.

every move i make

brings me

one step closer

to where i want to be.

i will stand up

for others

and for myself

i will fight

for others

and for myself.

i remind myself

i am worth it

we are worth it

don’t put yourself down

be who you are

who you want to be

who you can become.

don’t waste life

tearing yourself down

trust me

I’ve been there.

you know me

i know you

we both know we’re worth it

don’t let someone control you

control yourself

live YOUR life

remind me

remind the WORLD

that you won’t give up


you are everything you can be